1 The top piece can easily be removed
from the main piece (use the finger grips).
If the top piece is difficult to remove,
leave on the aspirator tube as shown
- then there is more to hold on to.

The handpiece is now ready to be
used! When reassembling the hand-
piece with the existing suction hose,
it might be necessary to cut off
approximately 3 cm of the suction hose
in order to obtain maximum connection.

Turn of easily the aspirator tube while
using the finger grip.

4 Assemble the adjuster into
the main piece and all parts
can now be assembled by a
slight pressure. Make sure
the adjuster slides easily in
the main piece. The handpieces
can tolerate autoclaving up
to 135 Celsius.

The bottom piece can easily
be removed from the main piece
in order to clean the different parts.
You may use a brush or a dishwasher
up to 95° Celsius. After this, the adjuster
and the O-ring should be lubricated with
silicone grease or Vaseline.